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Did you know...?

* Teamster master contracts (national agreements) have put more families into the middle class than any other event in labor history?

* Teamsters supported equal pay for all workers doing the same work, regardless of gender or race, 60 years before the US Government did?

* Teamsters have always represented many types of workers - not just truck drivers?

* Teamsters have always had an ongoing disaster relief fund to help members in need when disasters hit?

* Teamsters have been essential partners with the US Military, police and firefighters during war and other times of crisis?

* More Teamsters won the highest military and Presidential honors than any other union workers?

* Teamsters were known as the "Knights of the Highway" because they always stopped to help drivers having trouble on the road?

* Teamsters have developed more safety programs in industries and training schools for drivers than any other union?

* Teamsters give away tens of thousands of dollars every year in scholarships for members' children and grandchildren?

* Mickey Mouse is a Teamster?  The workers at Walt Disney World in costumes are Teamsters.

* Teamsters Brew Budweiser and Miller Beer?  The Teamsters represent workers at 12 Anheuser-Busch breweries throughout the Unites States.

* Teamsters support government operations at the infamous "Area 51" location in Nevada?

* Teamsters deliver the "Oscar" statue for the Academy Awards.

* The technical crew for the hit HBO series "The Sopranos" are Teamsters?  Thousands of Teamsters work in the film and television production industry.

* A Teamsters truck was used in the inaugural parade for Ronald Regan?  The truck was painted blue and was used as a base for Secret Service agents.  They nicknamed it the "Blue Goose".

* Trained, highly skilled Teamster drivers made a critical difference in World War I, moving
billions of pounds of supplies and ammunition to airports and shipping installations.

 The Teamsters delivered life-saving polio vaccine throughout the nation within 4 days of
the time it was made available in 1955.

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